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Rehab Green

Rehab Pack

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Over 75 countries worldwide. GBL’s High performance RehabStretch exercise bands, also known as resistance bands, are good for rehabilitating and restoring muscle & joint functions. It also helps in conditioning and building muscle strength.
Made of latex-free rubber, the RehabStretch bands are available for different resistance levels. These resistance levels are identified by different colour codes. RehabStretch bands are supplied in plain surface.
RehabStretch bands offer excellent puncture/tear resistance, good stretchability, lasts long and is advantageous in many respects.
*To be used under professional guidance only.
Size: 102 mm x 1.5 m

Resistance Level Color Code Resistance in Kg* Resistance in Lbs*
Extra Light

* At 100 Elongation * Tolerance +/- 15%

Stability Disc

Improves balance, coordination, flexibility and strength; One side is flat and other side is nubby; Can be used for sitting, standing, cushioning & exercise.
Color: Blue; Inflates from 1″ to 2″.
Dimension: 33cm diameter

Gym Ball

Standard exercise ball great for balance and posture exercise, core strengthening, yoga, and Pilates; Can be used to improve flexibility and range of motion in the back, core, arms, and legs; Safe to lie, sit or kneel on while exercising the core, back, shoulder, and leg muscles; Easy to clean, comes deflated with two plugs, and a 24 exercise guide poster. Sizes – 45, 55, 65, 75, 85cm


Easy-to-use and allow for multiple upper and lower body Exercise. Can be performed with bands and tubing and allows for multiple upper and lower body Exercise; Soft handles are comfortable for the hands and provide an easy, secure grip for bands or tubing.

Power Stretch

4″ wide latex-free (5 color coded resistance level); 5″ wide latex rubber (6 color coded resistance levels). Available in continuous length of 20 meter & in cut length of 1.5 meter. Yellow-Light; Red-Medium; Green-Strong; Blue-Extra Strong; Black-Super Strong